Imagine: you’re at a glamorous gala, all smiles and sipping champagne. Suddenly, someone spills the bubbly all over your exquisite outfit. At that moment, you’re Irritated, angry and awfully sad. Investment mistakes can feel just as disastrous! But fear not, fellow financial fashionista, because we’re here to reveal 10 mistakes that can sink your portfolio faster than a silk dress in a downpour, and many ways to avoid them.

1:  Not having an investment plan



Investing without a plan is like contesting in a dance competition without knowing the basic steps. Oops! Do your homework! Set goals and have a plan, understand your risk tolerance (how much emotional sweat are you willing to shed?), and craft a strategy that’s as unique and fabulous as you are. Make it personal, afterall, it is your plan.

2: Buying because it seems like the new normal



Just because everyone’s buying a certain stock doesn’t mean you should too. Investing based on fads can lead to major portfolio meltdowns. Conduct your own research and don’t be afraid to be a trendsetter!

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3: The fear of failure



The market can be a rollercoaster, but don’t let your emotions take the wheel. Panicking and reluctant of another investment because of a past mistake is like trashing your most precious item because of a tiny scratch. Equally, don’t get swept up in the excitement of repeated successes and chase risky investments. Do this— Invest with a cool head and a long-term vision.

4: Not separating your investment into asset classes



Putting all your eggs in one basket? That’s a recipe for disaster. Diversification is key! Spread your investments across different asset classes (products that actually pay you back handsomely, stocks, real estate, etc) to minimise risk and maximise your chances of sparkling returns.

5: Not keeping checks on the fees



If you really want to get it right in this investment thing, then you need to do all the checks. Be mindful of expense ratios and other hidden charges, don’t let it eat away your gains. Every penny saved is a penny you can use to invest in that new designer bag you’ve been eyeing.


Take a pause and catch your breath, darling! I know you really want to get more of this and be weaponized against investment mistakes. The next link gives you all the mistakes and how to avoid them. Number 7 in particular choke!

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