As a first-rated unrivalled fintech of choice, Credlanche Limited specialises in consumer lending, offering customized loans tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

The company, unlike the regular banking firm, where they trade with capital, deals with loans. When monies are invested, they are taken and distributed to loan clients at a fair rate. 

Our target audience is segmented across various categories, each designed to provide credit facilities to different segments of the population, mostly, the lowest cadre of the population.

For the distribution of the loans, Credlanche Group has established other companies— Market Monie and Finventory, that cater for the loan and credit distributions. 


Venture and Thrift Loans

Venture and Thrift loans cater to petty traders within the unbanked sector of the society. These loans range from ten thousand to one million naira (10,000– 1, 000,000.00), with repayment tenures spanning from one week to three months.

Currently, Venture and Thrift loans serve over fifty thousand (50,000) active Market Monie customers across thirty seven (37) branches located nationwide, primarily concentrated in the South West, South South, and North Central regions. With a monthly disbursement exceeding seven hundred million naira (700.000.000.00) and a collection of over five hundred million (500.000.000.00), our non-performing loan ratio stands at less than three percent (3%).

To further extend its reach and provide maximum services to its increasingly interested customers, Market Monie plans to expand these Loans with the opening of thirty five (35) additional branches and increase monthly disbursements to one billion naira (1,000,0000,0000.00).


SME Loans

Finventry focuses on serving Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs), providing loans ranging from one million to a hundred million naira and above (1,000,000– 100, 000.000.00).

These loans are secured against the applicant’s stocks and charged at a minimum interest rate of ten percent (10%). Moreover, they are further secured by credit loans to third parties within the business.


Personal Loans

This type of loan is designed for employed individuals, including those from blue-chip companies, financial organisations, and public offices. Our personal loans are secured against the borrower’s monthly salary.

Loan amounts range from one to ten million naira, with repayment periods spanning from one to twelve months. The interest rates for these loans range between 5% and 6% monthly.


Asset Finance

This segment focuses on financing assets such as cars, home appliances, and gadgets. This loan has a maximum tenure of twelve (12) months for repayment with a monthly interest rate of 6%.

Additionally, equity contributions are accommodated, with assets purchased under the company’s name until full payment is made.

By combining these diverse loan products and implementing a robust model structure, we assure our investors that their funds are safeguarded and utilised effectively.

Please, feel free to reach out if you require further information or clarifications on our vehicle offerings and services  Email- [email protected]  or call (234) 812 – 3778 – 39